Project Prajwal

Project Prajwal- Computer Learning Centre

Objective : To provide opportunity of experiments which will be the step beyond the textbook.

    Activity :
  • To foster the innovative mind in the school
  • Encouraging the students Towords Tedchnology.
  • To inculcate the critical thinking and problem solving ability in the students

Any Partner or Ngo : With the Association of Janani Prathistan and Govt . school of Jeeragiwad Village.

Target Benificiaries : 135 students from Jeeragiwad Village of Dharwad district.

In the world of Technological Advancement which is popularly known as industry 4.0 , the world where Cloud computing , Artificial intelligence, Augmentable Reality, Smart Sensors, Advance Robotics and 3D printing are playing major role in our day today lifestyle.

In 21st century Information Technology industry has evolved rapidly after people gaining the knowledge of computing. This knowledge has benefitted most of the developmental industry with the innovative technologies which resulted into smart factory establishment, Real time machine performance monitoring and cost reduction & productivity as well as profitability increase.