Menstruation Hygine Program

Menstruation Hygine Program

Menstrual Hygiene is an issue that every girl and woman has to deal with once she enters adolescence around the age of 12yrs and until she reaches menopause somewhere in her 40’s. Overall, a woman spends approximately 2,100 days menstruating which is equivalent to almost six years of her life.

Menstruation is a monthly occurrence that requires access to appropriate materials and facilities, without which, females suffer from poor menstrual hygiene which restricts their movement and self-confidence.

Objective :

  • To create awareness regarding menstrual hygiene practices among adolescent girls in an urban slum area and prepare them to lead a healthy reproductive life in the future.
  • Increase the use of hygienic menstruation materials
  • Increase the involvement of girls in their daily activity during their periods

Activity :
  • Mobilization of the 100 community women for the program
  • Conduct the informative session on the subject of healthy menstruation hygiene practices by the expert.
  • Environmental friendly sanitary napkin will be provided to use for the 6 month

Date of Commencement & Duration : Two Hrs program