Breast Cancer Program

Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Objective : To organize the health check up camps in the rural and urban areas of the Pune. To spread Awareness regarding breast cancer symptoms, risk and treatment. Screening of the symptomatic patient of breast cancer.

    Activity :
  • Cancer Awareness Session will be organized.
  • Health Check Up Camps will be organize for early detection of the Cancer Symptoms
  • Screening of the individuals will be done in the camp

Date of Commencement & Duration : 2hrs Session

Breast Cancer is coming to the first in the list of most common cancers in India. There are multiple factors which are directly effecting on the increasing the burden of breast cancer in India. These main factors includes lack of awareness, delayed in diagnosis, limited human resources, funding for treatments and medicine, resulting all the cases of breast cancer then diagnosed at stage III or IV of the disease.

There are multiple challenges can be observed to control the Breast Cancer (BC) but can be control by taking small steps like involving the community health workers, organizing the awareness sessions in the village, early diagnosis, availing the govt. schemes for the treatments.