Nandivali Village Development

Nandivali Village Development Program

Objective : To making village self depended in terms of drinking water facility by constructing the Ferro cement water tank. ( 30,000 Ltr Capacity). To providing the Motor and pipeline for procuring the water from the dam.

    Activity :
  • Group Discussion – To discuss the various issues of the Villagers.
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal – Village Mapping Activity
  • Mobilization the villagers to provide their labor in constructing the water tank.

Location : Shedani Group Gram Panchayat in Mulashi

Nandivali is the village of Shedani Group Gram Panchayat in Taluka Mulashi. Total population of the village is 248 and mostly migrated to the nearby area where there is employment opportunity is available. Apart from that villagers are struggling for water scarcity despite of water dam resource is available.

Most of the agriculture activity is depend upon the rain water. Villagers are mostly cultivating the rice on this available rain water.

Despite of having nearby dam in the village , the storage facility of drinking water is insufficient and for any other activity as well.