Support Scarifier

Support Scarifier

Motor Grader is a classical machine in the full range of construction equipments. It is an important equipment for Road construction and New Railway line laying works. It is also used in Canal works. Reliability of Motor grader is a paramount important as a fleet of Road construction equipments depend on the availability of Motor Grader in working condition. The Brake down in Motor grader leads to the fleet of equipments coming to a grinding halt, which are all depend on the proper functioning of Motor Grader. Hence ensuring the reliability of the structural parts developed for Motor Grader is very important. RSB has developed the critical structural parts of the Motor Grader such as Main Frames, Draw bar which is also known as A- Frame, Scarifier and Saddle etc.

RSB has capabilities to manufacture Support Scarifier(14T) since 1998. RSB is in the field of manufacture of Loader Structures such as Loader Arms, Front and Rear Frames of different categories of Wheel Loaders including Mining category Wheel Loaders. RSB has catered to the full range of structural parts for Back-hoe Loader manufacturers. It has the capability to develop Motor Grader parts such as Rear frames, Draw Bar / A Frames, Grader Boom, Scarifier and Mould Board etc.

RSB’s inhouse develop and manufacturing facilities (under one roof) for, laser cutting oxy cutting, plasma cutting, bending, rolling, robotic welding and machining provides better product integrity with following specification.

Support Scarifier

Product specification

  • Model: 14T
  • Component Weight in Kg: 96 Kg