Transmission Components

Transmission Components

The plant specializes in supplying the complete & critical range of High-Quality Transmission Gears, Shafts, Sleeves & Hubs.

The facility is also pioneer in offering the Gears for Engine & Pump Industry. Sleeves are cut through a "Hypo Cycloidal Milling" process which is unique in the industry. All the amenities for Gear Cutting, Heat Treatment, Finishing and final testing under one roof, complying up to DIN Class 5 Rotary & Sealed Quench Furnace

Transmission Components

Product specification

Product Mix. Size (Parameter in mm) Class Module Special Process Heat Treatment
OD Width
Gears 250 75 DIN 5 7.0 Max Grinding / Honing Carbo Nitriding / Carburising
250 75 DIN 7 5.0 Max Shaving
Shifter Sleeves 250 50 NA 2.5 Max Hypo-cycloidal Milling Induction plug quenching
Shafts 250 500 in Length DIN 8 3 Max Shaving Carbo Nitriding / Carburising