Transmission Components

Transmission Components

RSB's Gear Transmission unit provides in-depth product support to clients based on its vast industry experience and expertise. It manufactures an extensive range of fully finished gears at its Pune plant that is strategically located to cater to diversified industry sectors inclusive of Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Tractors, Pump, Engine OEM's. RSB also Designs & Manufactures the Automotive transmission Gear boxes, Steering Gear boxes and Planetary gear boxes. RSB is renowned for its customer services such as, fast turn around and individual attention to complex orders.

The plant specializes in supplying the complete & critical range of High-Quality Transmission Gears, Shafts, Sleeves & Hubs. The facility is also pioneer in offering the Gears for Engine & Pump Industry. Sleeves are cut through a "Hypo Cycloidal Milling" process which is unique in the industry. All the amenities for Gear Cutting, Heat Treatment, Finishing and final testing under one roof, complying up to DIN Class 5 Rotary & Sealed Quench Furnace

Transmission Components

Product specification

Product Mix. Size (Parameter in mm) Class Module Special Process Heat Treatment
OD Width
Gears 250 75 DIN 5 7.0 Max Grinding / Honing Carbo Nitriding / Carburising
250 75 DIN 7 5.0 Max Shaving
Shifter Sleeves 250 50 NA 2.5 Max Hypo-cycloidal Milling Induction plug quenching
Shafts 250 500 in Length DIN 8 3 Max Shaving Carbo Nitriding / Carburising