E Axles

Based on the best-in-class manufacturing capabilities & in-house Design center’s knowledge on the Axles, RSB forayed in to e-Mobility solutions. Extensive bench marking, study of field data & Indian road usage conditions etc., are the recipes for RSB to come up with their e-Axle offerings. Dedicated Machining set up, Assembly line, End of line testing & Optimum process flow etc are installed for delivery of world class product to our esteemed customers.


Product Features

  • Lighter Weight – Aluminum Carrier, Banjo Beam.
  • A Double Row Unitized Wheel Bearings for Semi float Axles, Unitized / Preset Hubs for full float axles.
  • Long Life Seals > 150,000 Km, Low Friction Pinion Bearings.
  • Low NVH - Motion Transmission Error on Gears < 40 micro-Radians.
  • Performance simulation and offering appropriate ratio to achieve better performance than ICE.
  • Highly efficient Transmission with required reduction.
  • Integrate motor to achieve at par or even better performance than ICE.
  • Space management Integrating motor and allied components liberating additional space.
  • Light weighting to enable higher pay load or additional space for battery.
  • Integrating all vehicle interface and completing DMU as per the requirement.
  • Platform Strategy to achieve modularity and / or standardization.
  • RSBs ability to integrate E Axle in current vehicle “Ready to Fit “– no other changes needed.