Where deeds are spoken in silence…


RSB believe that true happiness comes when the good fortune is shared with those who are not as fortunate as we are. Therefore, Group has made CSR an essential fabric of business life with humble endeavor to think not just from the heads, but also from the heart. We believe business of business is not about making money, but creating social values and do public good – an oblgiation beyond the requirement of law to persue long term business goals that are good and bring about positive impact to the society.

RSB believes in conducting business in ethical way and in the interests of wider community by responding positively to emerging social priorities and expectations, a forward approach to act ahead of the regularatory confrontation and balance at all times the interests of stakeholders.

With a view of enhancing and enriching the lives of those around us, RSB has undertaken various efforts to bring about a positive difference in the lives of denizens by taking up several initiatives and thereby address the social needs RSBians make a positive difference by working aggressively in areas of community developlment. RSB has the earnest efforts to shape a brighter future by contributing in efforts to under-previledged in rural . While RSB believes in doing the work in action, but speak of deeds only in silence.

RSB pursues the triple imperatives of protecting the environment, socioeconomic upliftment and sustainable developmental models for growth while respecting government initiatives and commitment to employees, community and stakeholders at large. RSB’s social responsibility philosophy is integral to its corporate strategy, and our employees are guided to internalize the values RSB’s approach to environmental challenges entails precautionary modeling of projects, initiatives to ensure greater environmental responsibility and utilization of environment friendly technologies.