Main Frame

Chasis / Main Frame

Back-hoe loader Main frame is critical structure in transfer of loads and has development complexity. Needs Laser cutting facilities, manipulators and CNC machines for the development of Back-hoe Main frames, as RSB has under one roof all these facilities can develop main frames for Back-hoes in cost effective way. The manufacture of main frame needs several fixtures and needs manipulators for final welding. RSB has the ability to develop these infrastructures for proper welding of Back-hoe Main frames.

Chasis / Main Frame

Product Features

Back-hoe loaders are the utility equipment widely used in various kind of applications in India. RSB has expertise in the development of full range of structures for Back-hoe loaders. RSB has developed the parts such as Main frames, loader arms, Bach-hoe Boom and arm/stick, slider frames and Buckets for Back-hoe and loader attachments. The transportation cost of Back-hoe structures is an important factor, the proximity of manufacturing plant to the equipment manufacturer is an important factor. As RSB has its manufacturing plants situated in different regions, it can supply these structures from a plant situated nearer to the equipment manufacturer.