Running Gear System

RSB manufactures Running Gear Systems like - Trailer Axle Assembly,Mechanical Suspension systems, Air Suspesion systems (Liftable & Non Liftable), Fifth Wheel Coupling, King Pin and Landing Leg, which are designed, developed, tested and validated by its in house R&D division I-Design. Our Fifth Wheel Coupling design is at par with latest European models. RSB offers organized after sales service network across major cities in India.



The manufacturing plants are armed with equipments like Hydraulic Press of 2500 Tons, laser cutting, plasma custting, Robotic Welding, CNC machining centers, Shot blasting, CED coating for manufacturing of 5th wheel couplings, Suspension systems , King Pin etc., to ensure cost-effectiveness, better quality and durability of the products.


Latest designing software and FEA techniques have been installed for design & development of Trailer axles, Suspension systems & 5th Wheel Couplings etc.

Trailer axles & Suspension systems are tested & validated over 5,00,000 cycles for their durability which is in line with globally accepted testing practices.

The fifth wheel couplings have been safeguarded by Double Locking System and are successfully tested over 14,00,000 cycles. Micro alloyed raw-material with heat-treatment and contact area optimization are being used in order to enhance performance. Moreover, Special Rubber Bushings are installed for impact loading.

   Product Range & Specifications

Trailer Axle 12T, 14 T

  • 12mm/14mm 150/150 sq. 1840/1950mm track width.

Suspension Systems :

  • Mechanical Suspension Systems - Tandem , Tridom - Load carrying capacity 14 T & 16 T
  • Air Suspension Systems - Load capacity 14T

5th Wheel Coupling (Type approved) :

  • U Value :20 Ton & D Value 152 KN
  • U Value :28 Ton & D Value 190 KN

King Pin :

  • 2.0" as per ISO standards

Landing Legs :

  • Static Load Capacity per set : 40 Ton
  • Lifting Load Capacity per set : 28 Ton